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The Korean War
Effects of the Korean War
Causes of the Korean War
Korean War on the Homefront
Effects of the Korean War
Korean War Time Line

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            The Korean War was able to bring diverse effects to not only Korea but the World. The Korean War was one of the most destructive and brought economic and social damage to Korea. However, the Korean War was able to boost the economy of both Japan and the US. The Korean War also legitimized the United Nations and led to further expansion of military power. The Korean War also showed the growing anti-communist feeling across the US. The Korean War brought both positive and negative effects to the world.

            The Korean War brought many negative effects to Korea. “The Korean War was one of the most destructive of the 20th century. Perhaps as many as 4 million Koreans died throughout the peninsula, two-thirds of them civilians. This compares, for example, with the 2.3 million Japanese who died in WWII. China lost up to 1 million soldiers, and the US suffered 36,934 dead and 103,284 wounded. Other UN nations suffered 3322 dead and 11,949 wounded.” ( 6559607__0/Korean_War.html) The Korean War also brought social damage to Korea, “especially in the North, where three years of bombing left hardly a modern building standing.”( The war also reinforced the boundaries between the North and the South. North Korea remained a communist nation and South Korea became a free republic. This social difference still brings conflict even today.  

            Although the Korean War had negative effects on Korea, it did however boost the economy of Japan,” The war had a lasting consequence beyond Korea. Much of the material used in the war was bought from nearby Japan. This gave Japanese economy such an dynamic boot after the ravages of WWII that some have called the Korean War, Japan’s Marshal Plan, a reference to the US economic aid program that helped rebuild post-war Europe. The Korean War had similar effects on the American economy, as defense spending nearly quadrupled in the last six months of 1950.”( _War.html) The Korean War although devastating to Korea was able to bring a new beginning to the Japanese with a better economy. The Korean War was able to give the Japanese the success that WWII gave the US after the depression.

            Besides world economic success and social devastation the Korean War was also able to legitimize the United Nations as well as bring larger military expansion to the world. “It confirmed the ideas behind NSC-68, with its call for US to expand its military and to lead an anticommunist alliance. (Goldfield, pg 870) The Korean War also, “responsible for establishing America’s chain of military bases around the world and its enormous defense and intelligence system at home.” (http://encarta/ The Korean War was able to reinforce the idea of a more prominent military system and the importance of the United Nations.

            The Korean War had both positive and negative effects. The Korean War was able to boost the economy of the Japanese government and revive their economy similarly to the way ours was during WWII. The Korean War, however, was very destructive to Korea. Both North and South Korea had much causality but they both were stretched economically. With the end of the Korean War it left Korea still split and still with a communist government to deal with even through today. The Korean War also legitimized the United Nations as well as brought more military power throughout the world. The effects of the Korean War can without a doubt still be seen throughout the world today.


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USS Randall leaves Yokohama, March 11, 1951, carrying the first American war dead of the Korean War